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Behr Colors

Behr Colors
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Behr Colors

Once you find the Behr colors that you like, don't settle for a color match from another manufacturer. They may be able to get it close but if the hue or intensity are even just a little off, you may regret not using the Behr brand paint. Other manufacturers are counting on third party color definitions or a scanner to attempt to recreate the color. Because pigment colors vary and base paint densities are different not only between manufacturers but also between lines of paint, the best way to ensure that you get the colors, hues and intensity you have chosen, is to get it from the paint manufacturer who's paint chips or samples you fell in love with. With over 2000 Behr colors, there is a good chance that that color you fall in love with is a Behr color.

100A-1 Barely Pink 100A-2 Be Mine 100A-3 Scented Valentine 100B-4 Pink Chintz 100B-5 Springtime Bloom 100B-6 Fuchsia Kiss 100B-7 Hot Pink 100C-1 Cupid Arrow 100C-2 Cool Pink 100C-3 Birthday Candle 100D-4 Degas Pink 100D-5 Berries and Cream 100D-6 Rose Garland 100D-7 Maroon 100E-1 Coquette 100E-2 Mauve Mist 100E-3 Pastel Violet

behr 100A-1	Barely Pink 100A-2	Be Mine 100A-3 Scented Valentine 100B-4 Pink Chintz 100B-5 Springtime Bloom 100B-6 Fuchsia Kiss 100B-7 Hot Pink 100C-2 Cool Pink 100C-3 Birthday Candle 100D-5 Berries and Cream

100F-1 Dark Lilac 100F-2 Gypsy Magic 100F-3 Plum Shade 100F-4 Deep Aubergine 110A-1 Ballerina Gown 110A-2 Poetic Princess 110A-3 Palace Rose 110B-4 Foxy Pink 110B-5 Silk Ribbon 110B-6 Cran Brook 110B-7 Raspberry Pudding 110C-1 Petal Bloom 110C-2 Colonial Rose 110C-3 Glamour 110D-4 Rosily 110D-5 Mission Wildflower 110D-6 Haunting Melody 110D-7 Vin Rouge And don't forget, it's Behr Paints not Bear Paints or Bare Paints