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Behr Paint Exterior

Behr Paint Exterior
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Behr Paint Exterior

You need Behr Paint. Exterior quality paint is always a better value than cheap paint since it will typically take fewer coats and is more durable. This is twice as important if you are painting with bold colors. A cheap paint in a bold color can take 3 or even 4 coats to get solid coverage on some walls. When you combine the coverage issue with the fact that dark/bold colors are much more inclined to show scuffs/wear and tear, it is easy to see where the deal you get on cheap paint very quickly looses its sheen. To save 10 or 20 percent on paint only to need to apply an additional coat will end up not only costing you money but time. Save yourself the time and headaches get Behr Paint exterior house paint.

480C-1 Light Mint 480C-2 Pastel Jade 480C-3 Aqua Bay 480D-4 Indian Ocean 480D-5 Scotch Lassie 480D-6 Billiard Room 480D-7 Isle of Pines 480E-1 Country Mist 480E-2 Tide Pools 480E-3 Marina Isle 480F-4 Mermaid Net 480F-5 Marsh Creek 480F-6 Shaded Spruce 480F-7 Sycamore Tree

behr paint Country Mist 480E-2 Tide Pools 480E-3 Marina Isle 480F-4 Mermaid Net 480F-5 Marsh Creek 480F-6 Shaded Spruce 480F-7 Sycamore Tree

490A-1 Teal Ice 490A-2 Cool Jazz 490A-3 Sweet Rhapsody 490B-4 Sea Life 490B-5 Cozumel 490B-6 Emerald Coast 490B-7 Mermaid Harbor 490C-1 Ice Cube 490C-2 Adriatic Mist 490C-3 Balmy Seas 490D-4 Eucalyptus Leaf 490D-5 Winter Surf 490D-6 Thermal Spring 490D-7 Greensleeves 490E-1 Glimmer 490E-2 Delicate Mist 490E-3 Celtic Gray 490F-4 Gray Morning 490F-5 Cloud Burst 490F-6 Agave Frond 490F-7 Jungle Green