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Paint Colors Behr

Paint Colors Behr
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Paint Colors Behr

People love paint colors from Behr for numerous reasons, colors is near the top of every list. Whether you are looking for bold bright pure colors, muted relaxing paint colors, deep rich shades or neutral colors, Behr paint colors has your wall covered. There are over 2000 paint colors by Behr Premium Plus to choose from. Order it at Home Depot, do the rest of your shopping, pick up your paint and your on your way. Behr Paint Colors mixing system is designed to precision mix each color while minimizing operator error. A whole world of colors offered by Behr Paint.

150A-1 Silk Sheets 150A-2 Rose Sorbet 150A-3 Mixed Fruit 150B-4 Pink Eraser 150B-5 Cheery 150B-6 Firecracker 150B-7 Poinsettia 150C-1 Musical Mist 150C-2 Hawaiian Shell 150C-3 Arizona Sunrise 150D-4 Pale Berry 150D-5 Deep Bloom 150D-6 Strawberry Rhubarb 150D-7 Regal Red 150E-1 Delicate Blush 150E-2 Kashmir Pink 150E-3 Calico Rose 150F-4 Victorian Mauve 150F-5 Mulled Wine

behr 130C-1 Powdered Blush 130E-1 Glaze White 140A-1 Strawberry Yogurt 140C-1 Southern Beauty 140E-1 Patient White 130C-2 Cafe Pink 130E-2 Fairview Taupe 140A-2 Coy Pink 140C-2 My fair Lady 140E-2 Royal Silk

150F-6 Gallery Red 150F-7 Burnt Tile 160A-1 Cream Rose 160A-2 Pale Shrimp 160A-3 Pink Hydrangea 160B-4 Modestly Peach 160B-5 Candy Mix 160B-6 Coral Expression 160B-7 Daredevil 160C-1 Floral Linen 160C-2 Flush Pink 160C-3 Rose Silk 160D-4 Strawberry Rose 160D-5 Lovable 160D-6 Pottery Red 160D-7 Cranberry Whip And don't forget, it's Behr Paints not Bear Paints or Bare Paints