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Behr Exterior Paint

Behr Exterior Paint
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Behr Exterior Paint

Behr exterior paints are formulated to be slightly more flexible than their interior counterparts. This is because exterior paint needs to withstand temperature extremes. The paint on the south face of a home in the hot summer sun can get up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In the dead of winter the same painted surface can drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond the exterior paint itself being able to withstand these temperature extremes, the surface it is applied to expands with the heat and contracts with the cold. The amount of expansion and contraction varies from substrate to substrate. Then there is a number of challenges that humidity causes with exterior house paint. From the absorption of humidity in the air to moisture working its way from the interior to the exterior (especially in colder weather). Even with all the exterior environmental variables that the Behr exterior paint has been engineered to withstand, it is available in all the colors that Behr interior paint colors are offered in.

460E-1 Meadow Light 460E-2 Valley Mist 460E-3 Smokey Slate 460F-4 Wethersfield Moss 460F-5 Island Palm 460F-6 Medieval Forest 460F-7 Hazel Woods 470A-1 Window Pane 470A-2 Seafoam Pearl 470A-3 Reef Green 470B-4 Intense Jade 470B-5 Garden Medley 470B-6 Emerald Lake 470B-7 Climbing Ivy

behr paint 470A-2 Seafoam Pearl 470A-3 Reef Green 470B-4 Intense Jade 470B-5 Garden Medley 470B-6 Emerald Lake 470B-7 Climbing Ivy

470C-1 Mint Fizz 470C-2 Winter Fresh 470C-3 Spirited Green 470D-4 Garden View 470D-5 Herbal 470D-6 Greenbelt 470D-7 Windy Pine 470E-1 Breakwater White 470E-2 Water Mark 470E-3 Aqua Smoke 470F-4 Aspen Aura 470F-5 Garland 470F-6 Hilltop 470F-7 Deep Jungle 480A-1 Minted Ice 480A-2 Botanical Tint 480A-3 Mint Majestry 480B-4 Shoreline Green 480B-5 Mermaid Song 480B-6 Treasure Isle 480B-7 Clover Brook